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A Soon To Be Subsidiary Of Furtainment

About SnackFerret Studio

SnackFerret Studio is a soon-to-be incorporated company, a subsidiary of Furtainment.

SnackFerret Studio is a furry-owned business specialising in anthropomorphic games, movies, and shows created in Unreal Engine, Opensimulator, and Source Filmmaker, then rendered in Blender, we utilize Artificial intelligence as a minor part of the production and research process.

Created and owned by Jonathan Curley also known as Velivian Fesothe

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AI Disclosure: How do we use AI?

We may use AI for a number of automated processes, information gathering, and pre-post production techniques.

We do not use AI for 3D model production, writing stories, or for anything that would compromise the human nature of our content, shows, movies, games, or our right to retain copyright and trademarks.